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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Oh, Dr John

i dreamed, i crossed the road with you, you're crashed
i dreamed, i swam with you, you're drown
i dreamed, i ate with you, you're poisoned
i dreamed, i stand on the roof with you, you're shot
i dreamed, i wandered in Sahara with you, you're eaten
i dreamed, i robbed the bank with you, you're sentenced to death
i dreamed, i woke up, but i never feel terrified.

Oh Dr John, what am i doing, what am i doing wrong?

you say i'm a big heart breaker
But doctor, I'd never hurt ya
Isn't it obvious?

'Cause i keep on trying
Something ain't going, something ain't going on

probably i should hide myself away from this continent, far up to Highland would be a good idea.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just remember, it's normal to feel sad...let the grief be.


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