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Monday 16 July 2007

Libras talk

Nothing as once, but something's going that way.

What means by a dream. As what in the psychology course, I wrote my essay on my favourite sleeping, and written some bullshits on dream as well. Yet, I'm forgotten all of them.

Probably the dream i am talking about, is different from what is discribed in the psychology lesson. We can't chase the dreams happened in sleeping, but we can chase some dream. But what are those dreams.

He described himself as a 'dreamchaser' sometime once. If he appears in front of me right now, I think I'll force him to tell me, what do you me by, a dream?

What do you mean by a dream, huh? Tell me. What are you chasing then?

Or, its just a slogan happened to appear in your head 5 years ago. Right now you've given all up.

If so, great, probably I'm going on the same way as well. Seem to have abandoned myself completely.

The two Libras with that many similarites. Losing the other is just like losing oneself, vice versa. The way to find myself back, probably is, to find you.

Any better suggestions?


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